Thakare’s Appointment To Amravati Varsity Mc Raises Eye Brows

By | November 14, 2017

Thakare, who is also the leader of Sant Gadgebaba Amravati university College Teachers’ Association (SUCTA), has hogged the limelight for the last five years, but mostly for wrong reasons.

From allegation of misguiding the university administration to plagiarisation in his book on philosophy, Thakare had always been in the limelight. Despite serious allegations levelled against him, Thakare was nominated as representative of the chancellor in the management council. Experts at SGAU suspect something fishy with the appointment of Dr. Thakare.

The book penned by Thakare, who is principal of Mahatma Phule College, was excluded from MA syllabus in Senate meeting on August 28, 2010. Dr. Thakare had penned the book titled ‘Tarkshashtra’ on philosophy which was included in the MA syllabus, but it has been alleged by Sumiti Deo from Nagpur that Thakare’s book is plagiarised from D Y Deshpande’s book titled ‘Sanketik Tarshashtra ani Udgaman’, after which, the issue came in the senate and a committee was formed to probe the matter. When the report of the committee was placed in the senate meeting, it was found that book was in fact, plagiarised and it was excluded from the MA syllabus.

Interestingly the chancellor is the head of the senate and the recordings of minutes of senate meetings go to the governor’s office. But still, the issue was neglected by the chancellor’s office while appointing Thakare. On top of it, in 2007, Thakare who did not befit the professor’s grade, was given the principal grade. His appointment was also questioned in the senate meeting.

Besides these serious allegations against him, Thakare was nominated representative of the chancellor in the management council. Moreover, as per Section 27 (1) of Maharashtra University Act, one person who is nominated by chancellor should be from amongst the eminent academicians, scientists from institution of National or state importance, but Thakare is principal of one Mahatma Phule Mahavidyalaya in Amravati. It has to be mentioned that a few days back, the appointment of Prof Jayant Deshpande, who was the then Pro-VC of SGAU as Vice-Chancellor of SGAU, after completion tenure of Vice Chancellor Dr. Kamal Singh by the governor’s office became controversial. When media highlighted that how appointment of Deshpande did not comply with the rule, the governor’s office, taking cognizance of the media report, cancelled the appointment of Deshpande.

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